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Our Chem-Dry Technicians must undergo intensive training to stay on the cutting edge of the carpet cleaning industry. Our professionals are then well equipped to identify, evaluate, meet and exceed all of your carpet, upholstery and leather cleaning needs.


Positive & Cooperative Individuals


With the belief that positive thinking and practice to perform work will result into a proactive attitude.


Working together through proper communication to motivate one another to realize and to reach shared goals


Hard Working, Well Trained & Striving Individuals


Not afraid of failure for we take difficult tasks as a challenge, it will bring out the best an individual can do.


Committed to reach ones goal through ceaseless research and efforts until work is completed with satisfaction.


Diligent & Committed Individuals


Devoted to endeavor as a diligent and skilled individual dedicated to his work with the good virtue.


Challenged and committed to reach ones goal through ceaseless research and efforts until completed with satisfaction.

Recruitment Process

1 System Support

Required Documents

To review if the applicant is suited for the job offered focusing on the individuals background and previous career.



The applicant's personality traits, level of competence, and other information will be evaluated during the interview. This will also serve as a screening to identify if the individual is suitable for the offered position.

2 System Business Department

Required Documents

To serve as basis and to review if the applicants educational level, background and experience are suitable for the position offered.

Written Test

In order to undergo a fair recruitment procedure the objective and competencies are measured at a various and comprehensive perspective that is required for the job performance. Appropriate judgment and solving problem situations is an important factor, the results shall measure if the individual is competent enough for the position offered.


To comprehensively verify the values ​​of the applicants, personality traits, such as the level of reserve capacity.