Tile & Stone Services

We Clean For Your Health With Tested And Proven Superior Results

1Chem-Dry CLEANS.

Our technicians use specialized cleaning solutions as well as powerful deep-cleaning extraction equipment to blast away and remove the dirt and build-up. Chem-Dry professionals perform quality checks along the way. If the results are uneven or do not meet expectations, they clean over the uneven area and check their results again, repeating this quality control process until they’ve reached the optimal result.


An independent laboratory recently conducted a study to determine the healthfulness and efficacy of our Tile, Stone & Grout Cleaning process. Based on several tests on tile surfaces in multiple homes, this study found that our Tile, Stone and Grout cleaning process, in conjunction with a sanitizer, removes an average of 98.6% of bacteria from these surfaces.

3Chem-Dry SEALS.

After we clean your tile and stone floors, we apply sealant to create a barrier to keep out dirt and germs giving you the opportunity to clean up any spills quickly before they can soak into the grout and stain or linger. Our stone, tile and grout cleaning and sealing services leave your floors purified, protected and ready to use after only a few hours.

Chem-Dry Philippines Tile & Stone Cleaning Services

Tile and stone are not immune to unhealthy elements. Over time, dirt and grime build up in the porous surfaces of your stone, tile and grout flooring, turning them into a breeding ground for disease-causing bacteria. Chem-Dry’s stone, tile and grout cleaning and sealing services penetrate deep inside the porous surfaces to remove the bacteria and germs while also eliminating grime, sealing out dirt and restoring the appearance of your floors and extending the life of your stone and tile surfaces.

1 Annual Cleaning

2 Polishing, Restoring and Sealing

3 Corrosion, Discoloration & Other Damage Proble

4 Mildew, Grime, Rust Marks etc. Special Stain Management