We want Chem-Dry to be the only choice for your professional cleaning needs.

CEO's Message

Chem-Dry Philippines will become the nations leading specialist for interior and exterior cleaning services.

Through the continuous aggressive research and development program of Chem-Dry International of Harris Research Inc., in the USA the Worlds No.1 professional floor care franchise.

The professional world consist of:

Customer-centered Service Innovation,

A Balanced Ethical Management,

Milieu of New Applied Techniques,

We Chem-Dry will serve our customers with only the best, safest and most effective processes available in the cleaning industry.


Master Franchisee & CEO
Mr. Sung Jae Lee


Since 1977 Chem-Dry has been the market leader in carpet and upholstery cleaning innovation in the USA and has been Franchising since 1978 currently with more than 4,000 locations worldwide making it the largest carpet cleaning franchise. In 1992, with economic growth rapidly taking place in South Korea, Mr. Sung Jae Lee became the Master Franchisee and CEO of Chem-Dry South Korea, after having undergone intensive training on how to use and manage the Chem-Dry System from Devere International Inc., Chem-Dry Headquarters in the USA. As successful years of the Chem-Dry business passed, Mr. Lee thought that something was not enough, something was missing. That is when he thought of taking the next step of expanding his Chem-Dry business outside of his fatherland. Mr. Sung Jae Lee, saw several opportunities in other countries but he chose the Philippines, for he saw the same economic growth as what he saw in his home country South Korea when he decided to start with the Chem-Dry business back in 1992. In February 2015, he was then held as the Master Franchisee of Chem-Dry Philippines and in October of the same year Mr. Lee successfully launched the Chem-Dry business in the Philippines.

Company Philosophy

To delight our customers with the best cleaning technology for a better clean that is also green.


To help people live healthy lives, which starts with a cleaner & greener environment to be delivered by trustworthy, friendly professionals with the latest innovative technology available.


Providing quality service with skilled technicians using the industry’s safest and most effective processes.


To provide a better clean with minimal impact on the environment, green & clean.

Organizational Chart

Directions & Contact Details

Address : #12 P.A. Pealayo St. BF Homes Quezon City
Telephone : 02 668 8797
Fax : 02 659-4885